Students at Good Shepherd attend Chapel every Wednesday. Chapel is led by one of the pastors from our church affiliates, St. John’s, Pekin, St. John’s, Green Valley, and Trinity, Pekin, and Pastor Berndt from Trinity, Manito. Each month our chapel offering is designated for a special mission outreach.

September Chapel Offering

Our Chapel offerings for the month of September will be going to help families in Liberia.  In keeping with our theme, “Jesus is the Light,” we will be sharing light with them in two different ways!  Every $10.00 will purchase a special solar lamp for one household.  There is no electricity in their village. The families will be able to set their lamps outside in the sun during the day, and then they will be able to use them inside at night when it is dark.  The children are excited to be learning and reading about Jesus and God’s love, and they will be able to do this in their homes later in the evening.  The lamps that we are giving them will allow them to read their Bibles and learn more about how Jesus is the LIGHT! We have already received $100.00 in chapel offerings (or 10 lamps).  Thank you so much!  We can’t wait to see what our total will be at the end of the month!