Junior High ( 6/7/8th Grade)


Jr. high Language Arts In Reading, students are exposed to a variety of texts, ranging from poems to short stories, modern novels to classics. Each text is used to build reading skills and analytical thinking. A Biblical worldview is central to all learning, discussion, and analysis. The development of vocabulary is a crucial element of language arts growth in these formative years. Through intentional study of Greek and Latin roots, word analogies, synonyms, antonyms, figurative language, and context clues, students are exposed to complex vocabulary study and application processes. English and Writing: Through lessons on varied forms of writing, from persuasive to creative, students will practice and develop the necessary skills for quality authorship. Students will regularly employ the editing process, both independently and through peer-review. Writing samples are shared orally and time for free and creative writing is allotted. The ultimate goal is to develop writers who are proficient and passionate.

Junior High Math uses the Big Ideas Math series. Many concepts are retaught each year to allow students to gain a deeper understanding. The concepts covered are:

  • Numerical expressions and equations
  • Operations
  • Inequalities
  • Area and volume
  • Statistics
  • Data displays and analysis
  • Factors
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Rations, rates, and proportions
  • Percentages
  • Constructions and scale drawings
  • Variables
  • Angles and triangles
  • Graphing and linear equations
  • Exponents and scientific notation
  • The Pythagorean Theorem