Miss Garlisch


Reading Curriculum

Our curriculum uses Fountas & Pinnell for Reading and Language Arts.

Math Curriculum

Our Math curriculum is Saxon Math.  This program uses hands –on manipulatives for teaching math concepts.

Social Studies Curriculum

Our Social Studies Curriculum is Harcourt: Our World, Now and Long Ago.  There are 6 main themes guiding the lessons.  

Science Curriculum

Our Science Curriculum is Amplify.  The lessons are guided by different units.

Religion Curriculum

The Religion Curriculum Series is Concordia: Voyages

Bible stories are taught starting from creation, and following through the Old Testament up until Christmas.

After Christmas, we follow the New Testament and Gospel stories. 

Every Wednesday, students attend Chapel.  Each week Chapel offerings are collected and donated to various mission projects.

Discipline Plan: Buzzing to Good Behavior

We use a “stoplight” classroom management system.  All students begin each day with their bee on the green.

We have three Bee Rules:

  1. Bee Safe
  2. Bee Kind
  3. Bee Your Best!

If they break a rule, they will move their bee to yellow. This means that they will spend 5 minutes sitting out at recess.


If they break another rule in the same day, they will move their bee to  red.  This means they will sit out during one recess and parents will be contacted about what occured that day.  

At the end of each day the students will get their hand stamped with a green bee if they were on green for the day.  Students can show the stamp to the parents to show their good behavior.

Review of Discipline Plan