Miss Schuette


Welcome to Third Grade!  In third grade, we cover the following subjects and topics:


God and His Word, How the Holy Spirit blesses the church, God the Father’s gracious gifts, Jesus brings salvation, God hears and answers His people, God’s love leads us to respond with love, God comes to us through the means of grace, God works in me to follow His ways, God makes us His witnesses


Our Reading curriculum consists of both fiction and non-fiction selections. Students also read books catered to their individual level, along with instruction catered their individual needs.


telling time, adding whole numbers with carrying place values to thousands, money, measuring skills, multiplication skills through the twelve times table, subtracting whole numbers with borrowing, Roman numerals 1-30, division skills, story and money problems, mathematical equations, multiplying and dividing money, calendar time, adding and subtracting measurements, problems with parentheses, fractions, measuring temperatures, geometric plane shapes, mixed numbers, averaging, two and three-digit multiplication, two-digit division, making change


review of writing in print, the basics of cursive, writing in cursive


study skills, complete sentences, the different types of sentences (declarative, exclamatory, interrogative, imperative, simple, fragments, compound, simple sentence with compound verbs or subjects) nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, article adjectives, prepositions, object of the preposition, prepositional phrases, transitional words, pronouns, subject pronouns, possessive pronouns, conjunctions, helping verbs, interjections, possessive nouns, direct objects, object pronouns, indirect objects


Our Spelling curriculum is aligned with our selections from our Reading book.

Social Studies

communities of different sizes, our physical geography, our human geography, our history through time and place, our country’s history, citizenship, our government, our American culture, cultures around the world, working in our community, saving and spending our money


living things, how living things grow and change, living things in an ecosystem, changes in ecosystems, Earth’s changes, using Earth’s resources, changes in weather, planets, moons, and stars, observing matter, changes in matter, forces in motion, forms of energy