Mrs Dobbelaire


In fourth and fifth grade we learn and practice being responsible for tracking our assignments and turning in homework on time.  We use an online tool to track each child’s progress in a fun and interactive way, called Class Dojo.    We begin each day  with a devotion and prayer and end each day with an individual question of something that they have learned that day.  The children in fourth grade participate musically by learning to read basic notes and perform on their recorders.  Besides learning the recorders, fourth graders also participate in choir, PE and various art activities. 

Here is our general 4th & 5th grade curriculum/activities:


We read and discuss a  variety of fiction/nonfiction material in whole group and small group instruction.  We learn and practice the basic reading skills and apply them within the books we read.  We also participate in the AR (Accelerated Reader) program to launch our reading goals. 


We use the Fountas & Pinnell curriculum that teaches the parts of speech, classifying sentences, vocabulary and writing skills. 


We use the Beka series that teaches a new lesson everyday, as well as repeats previous lessons learned on a daily basis.  We also strive to master our math facts and use these daily.


Aside from a morning bible devotion, we teach religion everyday using the One in Christ curriculum.  This curriculum touches on many of the bible stories sequentially with emphasis on a law and gospel message. 

Social Studies

We use the Harcourt Social Studies Curriculum.  We learn about the U.S. regions and the all 50 states, including some of its history.  The children do research over specific states in each region and share those with their classmates. 


We use the Amplify series and study physical sciences through life sciences.  We integrate some art into some of our science lessons, as well as practice our reading skill strategies for comprehension.  Science experiments are also used throughout each topic.  We also point to evidence in creation of God’s love, wisdom and power in making connections between these concepts of science and His Word.