Mrs Hicks


The second grade students at Good Shepherd Lutheran School get to participate in a variety of different activities in addition to their everyday curriculum. Our faith is incorporated throughout the day in our various subjects and activities


We use the One In Christ series from Concordia Publishing House.  There are nine units that take us through the Bible.

We also work on two memory verses a week that go along with our Bible stories, the Apostles’ Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer.

The students also get the opportunity to worship in chapel each week which is led by a pastor from one of our associated churches.


We use the Zaner-Bloser curriculum to review the manuscript uppercase and lowercase letters.  The students are also introduced to the cursive uppercase and lowercase letters.  


Using the Macmillan/McGraw Hill Science (A Closer Look), we study God’s creation looking at both life science and Earth science.  We look into subject matter such as plants, animals, habitats, land, water, resources, weather, and space. 


The students will use the Harcourt “Peolple We Know” Social Studies book to learn more about our country and its people.  We will talk about governing the people, the world around us, using our resources, people long ago, and a world of many people, and people in the marketplace.


Using the Shurley English “English Made Easy” text book, the students will learn how to label and identify the different parts of speech in a sentence.  We will talk about nouns, possessive nouns, verbs, helping verbs, adjective, adverbs, article adjectives, prepositions, object of the prepositions, and pronouns.  The students will practice identifying, writing, and revising declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative sentences.  They will also learn how to write different kinds of paragraphs, stories, and letters using the writing process.  One of our bigger writing projects that the students will participate in is our Young Authors’ contest.


We use the A Beka Book Traditional Arithmetic Series.  This series is a spiral program, where the students continuously review and practice previous material.  Once a concept is taught, it is then part of each week’s lesson.  We go over money, clocks, counting, place value , addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, problem solving, geometry, lineal measurements, liquid measurements, Roman numerals, graphs, calendars, thermometers, and fractions.  Each lesson, also includes a speed drill to help the students work on speed and accuracy with their math facts.


The students will read a variety of selections from the Houghton Mifflin series.  The stories follow six different themes: silly stories, nature walk, around town (neighborhood and community), amazing animals, family time, and talent show.  They will read both fiction and non-fiction material. We also use guided reading so that students may achieve more as they read books at their very own reading level.  The teacher will help the students to pick out just-right books each day that they can take home to read.  We also use the STAR Reading test with the Accelerated Reader program to  help evaluate and measure student comprehension and growth.


Students will take tests each week on words that center around different spelling patterns and letter sounds.  We use the Houghton Mifflin series.  Many of the words and sounds being practiced can also be found in the story being read that week.  


The students also get a chance to participate in other activities throughout the week like: computer, library, P.E., choir, and art.  These extra activities give students a chance to share their gifts and talents in other areas.