What is SCRIP?

Scrip is a gift certificate program supported by local & national businesses. Using scrip costs you nothing! You can order scrip gift certificates at the school, one of the school’s three churches or online. A percentage of the order will go to the school.

What are the advantages of using Scrip?

As a “scrip user”, you are not only helping the school by raising money, you can also earn money toward:

Your student will receive half of the money Good Shepherd receives. By purchasing items you normally buy, you reduce the schooling costs of your child(ren). Many parents have decreased their tuition cost and/or paid their registration fees.  Regular “scrip users” have been able to pay their $300 book fees in full!!!

Who can use the Scrip Program?

ANYONE! You can pay your own school bills or apply your credit to whoever you wish. . . a friend, a child, a grandchild, a nephew or niece. You do not have to use the scrip program only if you have school bills,you can also use it to help the school raise money.

Be a "scrip user" and support our children and our school!

To access the GSLS scrip webpage and register online, simply click and remember to enter the enrollment code 75FBLD7E2543